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Trip Title: Los Angeles to North West Ohio
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Details about the travel plan.
Leaving From:  USA, California, Los Angeles
Going To:  USA, Ohio, Bowling Green
Leaving On:  Anytime
Listed As A:  Rider
Additional Details:  Hey! My name is Thomas and I'm in need of a ride back to the mid west (Bowling Green, OH) for Christmas. I'm a college student and don't have the 500+ dollars for a plane ticket back home. However, I've been looking into alternative ways to get home for the holidays and that's when I decided to make this post. I attend UCLA and live right next to campus in West Los Angeles. I would be ready to leave whenever you are and I only have 1 suitcase and my back pack. I'm willing to throw in some money for the trip and if you are interested just let me know, and please answer a few questions I have. 1) Do you plan on stopping at a hotel or motel along the way? 2) Would you be willing to drop me off at an exit near Bowling Green(North West Ohio) I can be picked up anywhere close. 3) How much do you estimate for gas? 4) When are you planning on leaving and arriving where you are going? Please let me know and feel free to ask me any questions you might have. Thanks so much for your time and consideration! Oh and you can check out my facebook as well www.facebook.com/tmasrod2
Do you fit this description?
Gender:  Male or Female
Smoking:  Non-Smoker or Smoker
Age:  Any
Music:  Electronica - Dance or Rap - Hip-Hop
Here's how to reach this person.
Posted By:  Thomas (male, non-smoker, 18-23 )
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Phone Number: 
IM Handle:  Service -

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