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Trip Title: EAST TO WEST
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Details about the travel plan.
Leaving From:  Canada, Ontario, Toronto
Going To:  Canada, British Columbia, Nelson
Leaving On:  Anytime
Listed As A:  Rider
Additional Details:  Spring is finally here!! as tradition holds... the West (BC) is calling to me... this Winter has truly been in static nature for one's being, a time period when the body becomes submissive to the mind and allows for deep contemplation and preparation for Self renewal into Spring and the coming seasons ahead.. I been traditionally sharing my presence with the West for a few years now, each time starting with tree planting then fruit picking when the sun's warmth is at its peak ... although, this year ...i am thinking about being part of a more reflective community environment, yet to still be encapsulated with the essence and raw beauty of nature herself... though here, in this urban realm it is challenging for one to understand and sense the inner self within and without. this urban world is almost completely covered with cement and plastics...not allowing the earth to breath, not allowing my own breath to extend... spring's long journey is almost coming to an end and soon it will give a full appearance into the hearts and spirits of those that dwell within this season... what greater way than to celebrate this time of life's renewal than to be in a environment shared with the mutual respect, awareness, appreciation and consciousness of other individuals and nature itself... BC has always been kind to me as well as to many others I know, a place where manifestations are brought into light, where the natural rhythms flow fluidly, where all relations are met and created at heart level and sustained in deeper connections with one another... I am considering to guide my direction to the way of Yasodhara Ashram in the Kootenays of BC this late Spring/Summer, perhaps around leaving around May... I personally have not been part of an Ashram type community setting before and from what I hear from others and from the information provided on their website, this environment looks truly serene, peaceful and balanced in atmosphere... being part of this community for however long one chooses, allows one to gain more consciousness into the living lifestyle of a community and into themselves... the routine Yasodhara seems to have established is Karma Yogic in nature meaning, in respect for food and accommodation they just ask for one's selfless service in communal responsibilities like garden work, assisting other visitors, cooking...etc...things which I would enjoy taking part in regardless, just to feel more part of the environment... This ashrams the pictures I see seems to be encapsulated within a beautiful lake environments, forests, hot springs....tranquility in essence... feel free to check out more information with this ashram... http://www.yasodhara.org/ i just know through prior experiences how much more rewarding it can be when a journey is shared with another or even a few other positive vibes... I know this Ashram is already established into a community type environment, but I mean to speak of the adventure of experiencing the journey to get there and evolve together from it... If you sense the need to break free from these urban limitations, reconnect to more natural rhythms, allow yourself to bring the balance back into ones mind, body, and spirit and embark on an epic journey into further self-inquiry and collective consciousness, let's go, we‘ll hitch hike, or do an epic roady…your choice… (p.s I don’t have a vehicle, if you do that‘s super, I don’t mind donating for gas) …this Ashram is just an idea…I am open to any opportunities that come my way… I am opening my heart and mind to the universe in hopes that I will connect and discover a chance to collaborate with more creative, inspirational, positive and beautiful individuals who love the West! On another note....if you feel that your journey is guiding you on another route but still in the direction of the West (around May)...and would enjoy the company a good spirited individual that is willing to share the gas and good presence, please feel free to share your words.... As Within So Without ~D
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Age:  Any
Music:  World Beat
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Posted By:  D (female, non-smoker, 18-23 )
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