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Trip Title: Moving from ATLANTA to SEATTLE
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Details about the travel plan.
Leaving From:  USA, Georgia, Peachtree City
Going To:  USA, Washington, Seattle
Leaving On:  Anytime
Listed As A:  Either
Additional Details:  I'm flexible on the dates, but I'm move from Atlanta to Seattle and would love to share the cost. I'd be happy to rent the truck, and you're welcome to ride, but if it saves you time, I can safely, drive it by myself. I drove the same trip alone once already. I'm a business professional and can provide you with any details needed so you are comfortable. The main thing I'd love help with is sharing the cost of the truck and gas. My items would take up less than 1/3 of the space in a small uhaul truck. Feel free to contact me to see if we can work something out. I'm ready to go asap, or as long as I move before Aug. 12th would be ideal. If needed, I can put my things in storage and wait till you're ready for to move. I'm totally flexible. Thanks! Jennifer
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Gender:  Male or Female
Smoking:  Non-Smoker
Age:  Any
Music:  Pop or Oldies
Here's how to reach this person.
Posted By:  Jennifer (female, non-smoker, 40-45 )
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Phone Number:  (206) 883-3344
IM Handle:  Service -

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